Staying connected despite a minor setback.

August 5th was the beginning of yet another olympic games. There was no doubt that I was very excited to watch athletes from all over the world compete for gold, silver and bronze. I was even more excited to see all of my fellow Georgia Bulldawgs compete. Unfortunately, I ran into one large problem… I was lacking cable. Whoops.

I tried to looking for any way to watch these olympic games when finally I realized oh wait… I have so many other ways to connect than just watching these on a television. I immediately found an app created by NBC that could keep me updated on any event I wanted to know about.


Along with this awesome way to stay connected to the competition, I realized that by following a few news and sports pages on Facebook I was receiving updates instantly after the United States won a medal, some of my favorite athletes won an event, etc.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 2.27.36 PM

So despite not having cable (and no plan to get it anytime soon), social media updates and posts have allowed me to keep track of these olympic games better than any in the past. That made for one happy fan right here:)


4 thoughts on “Staying connected despite a minor setback.

  1. My roommates and I chose not to have cable this year because #brokecollegestudents. But it really hasn’t affected how we watch and get updates. We have Netflix and Hulu for watching movies and TV shows, and if we want the news, we have the apps/updates on our phones. Social Media like Facebook and Twitter also give you news updates. I’m curious what cable companies are doing to deal with the subscription decline…


  2. I found myself in a similar situation as yours. I don’t have a T.V. at my place in Athens so I just followed along reading news headlines. I was able to keep up with important updates and see how my favorite Olympians performed. Nice blog, very relatable.


  3. My blog post was about social media and the Olympics as well. Yours is interesting as it discusses how to watch the games despite not having cable. I posted about Snapchat and their constant posts at the Olympics. So if you have a Snapchat, I definitely recommend checking out NBC’s story. Fans post so many different events that I can’t find anywhere else. I think social media, as you say like Facebook, has played such a huge role in how people communicate about the Olympics all over the world.


  4. I also found this blog post relatable for many different areas. Take football, for example. You no longer need to even look at a television to be instantly updated about any of your favorite teams. With the ESPN app, you can get instant score updates, play-by-plays, and news about players or coaches. It will even connect you to sports players or commentators twitter and other social media outlets. I agree with List’s questioning of cable’s future when there are so many free apps/news updates/social media sites.


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