The perfect timing.

8 am while you’re sitting at work? No. Midnight right before bed? Nah. What about 2 or 3 in the afternoon? Will people be online? These are all questions we have asked ourselves when we’re about to post on any of our social media pages. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or even the timing of our snapchats could alter the amount of people who see our messages. Just like the title of this page there seems to be this sense of “perfect timing” with posting.

I have personally gone through this process dozens of times. I have asked myself those same questions on several occasions. I found myself thinking more and more about this process and just how embedded it is now in my mind. It has somehow become a subconscious process for me. (Midday seems to be prime for me)

Kind of odd to think about, right? We take time out of day to plan out the best time of when to post something. Posting at midnight versus 3 in the afternoon could mean a large difference in the amount of likes on the photo, how many people see the post or the amount of shares we get. But it is not only everyday people watching out for that prime time to post, but businesses as well.


I recently stumbled upon this article that gets nitty gritty about prime posting times for businesses and how to keep track of your business’ social media accounts. My personal favorite topic brought up in this article is “No one is checking LinkedIn on a Friday.” People are wrapping their work for the week and they aren’t interested in business when the weekend is right around the corner. When I read this I chuckled thinking some of these suggestions were plain common sense, but then I soon took that back. I remembered that we live in a time that is always on the internet. I pictured myself just scrolling past a company’s ad while I am tired versus happening to click on some suggested posts midday because I am more awake and paying more attention. Timing truly is VERY important with today’s social media.

Check out this article by Fast Company. Also, let me know your thoughts on your process of posting things on your personal pages.



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