Timehop: a world of reminiscing

Invented in the year 2011 by a man named Jonathan Wegener, Timehop is a simple app that has created a new buzz among social media sites within the past 5 years. Despite its original purpose as a business transaction application,  this company now sifts through all of your social media. These sites include Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, etc. They do this in hopes to, as their site states, “reinvent reminiscing for the digital era,” as well as continue their creation of the “digital nostalgia category.”

When you read this company’s description they word it in a way that makes it seem much less intrusive than they are being. Do not get me wrong I do believe this is an awesome and smart idea for the company, but does that excuse the fact that the company is prying into our social media accounts? Or maybe we are now just more accepting of sites looking at our information?…



Just as the title suggests, I do see people becoming more and more accepting with sharing information about themselves than ever before. I think that we have been told over and over that if something is posted on the internet, it is there forever and can be found again. Creator Jonathan Wegener has made taking parts of everyone’s digital footprints fun and not seem so invasive. Wegener was able to put his own twist this new age trend of sharing everything about our lives while also creating his own trend of looking back at all you have done on the internet in the past.


Other social media sites, specifically Facebook, has hopped on this trend with their “On This Day” feature. At first I was annoyed by these notifications, but soon seeing my old 8th grade posts or who I became friends with 7 years ago that day turned into something to laugh at and have fun reminiscing on. I have also noticed my own mom as well as other older people on my page that are on social media LOVE this feature. It is kind of like their own way of showing off a digital version of traditional photo books.

I found the article below that breaks down a bit of the beginning of Facebook’s “On this day” feature and explains how Timehop’s CEO (Wegener) felt about Facebook adding this in. It was refreshing to hear that Wegener was not mad about the large company using a similar application as Timehop and he that he felt more confident in their app due to such a well-known social media site wanting to use their ideas. You can check out the article here:   https://techcrunch.com/2015/03/24/facehop/

Even though I have not seen the title Timehop floating around much more on social media than a few years ago the company has most certainly created a new social media trend of their own.


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