Keeping college buddies after graduation: how social media will help keep that community going

As graduation comes quickly around the corner I have often caught myself asking the question, “Who am I going to stay connected with after I am done with college?” The question goes through my mind quite often, but then I realize that despite the distance there is something now ah days that will keep me updated on their lives. That is the internet. And more specifically, social media.

It is hard to think about moving on from your little community you have made in college, but it is comforting to know that you will always be able to catch up with a friend or see how their lives are going from a picture they post or status they send out. It is funny how I used to sometimes make fun of parents for getting so excited about connecting back with old friends once they got their Facebook accounts. Little did I know I would be in the same boat come graduation from college.

I get excited about old friends from elementary school and middle school popping up on social media and I know this will be the same once I am 3-4 years out of college. With social media being an aspect in our lives that seems to just keep on growing I don’t see my community I have built here to completely be lost.

I am now trying to see social media in a more positive light. There are days where I want to delete my Facebook account when it is flooded with election opinions, random videos, or advertisements, but then I have to realize that I am also scrolling through to check up on the people that I am close to. I love seeing posts from people that have already graduated going on to bigger and better things.

In conclusion, there is no need to fret. Social media will continue to allow this little group you have grown to become a family with to stay connected throughout your life. Pretty awesome in my opinion. So despite maybe having no idea what you want to do after college just remember your people will be there by possibly liking of a photo, commenting on a status, or reposting a memory of you guys from freshmen year.


(My current status):



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